Essentials of Fire Fighting Exam Prep, 6th Edition (Newer Version Available)

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Purpose: To prepare students to successfully complete written exams, acclimate to the testing process, instill confidence, and reduce test anxiety.

Method: Multiple choice questions as used by colleges, departments, and certification agencies. Provides correct answers and page references to the manual for further study.

How to use the Study Guide/Self Study Guide/Exam Prep: Students can complete each set of questions to review information in each chapter of the manual and/or before formal examinations. Reviewing in this way can help identify subjects requiring additional study time.

Benefit to Students: Students become experienced with the multiple-choice question format, identify testing strategies to prepare for examinations, work toward reducing test anxiety, and are able to focus on areas of weakness that require more preparation. This process allows students to ultimately make better use of their study time.

Benefit to Instructor: Students are prepared for exams and experience high success rates. Checking their own progress allows better use of class time.