The Lancaster County Firemen’s Association operates a Fire Safety Trailer for public fire education at no cost the member organizations and their schools, day care centers, and community groups. The trailer is essentially a small house on wheels used to demonstrate fire conditions and provide education to children.

This trailer includes a miniature kitchen, living area, bedroom, and balcony. It can hold approximately 25 children per training session and is loaded with state-of-the-art technologies including residential sprinkler heads, interconnected smoke alarms, a stove suppression system, and a collapsible ladder that provides for safe egress from the balcony. Another innovative feature is the “SOS” light switch that can make a post lamp blink to allow firefighters to locate a structure more easily. The trailer also features a door with a built-in heating element to teach children to sense for fire and heat prior to opening a door. All of these features are in addition to the synthetic smoke generator and can be activated from the central control room.

Download the Safety Trailer Regulations or view the Safety Trailer Calendar to see its availability.

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