Emergency Response to Terrorist Attacks, 1st Edition (Out Of Print – Limited Availability)

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In partnership with the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) IFSTA developed Emergency Response to Terrorist Attacks (1st edition). This manual covers many aspects of emergency response to terrorist attacks, from actions to take prior to an incident to operations at the scene and afterward. Designed to provide emergency responders with comprehensive strategic and tactical information pertaining to prevention, preparedness, recognition, response, and recovery from terrorist attacks. Special emphasis is placed on explosive, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents. No country is immune to terrorism, and any jurisdiction could be affected. Emergency responders need to be prepared to face terrorist incidents and understand the hazards and complications they may encounter when responding to them.

This manual does all of the following:

  • Provides a brief history of terrorism and places modern terrorist tactics into a context that is easily
  • Helps emergency responders prepare for the difficult and unexpected challenges presented by
    terrorist attacks by providing detailed strategies and tactics
  • Provides comprehensive information about explosive, chemical, biological, radiological, and
    nuclear attacks
  • Teaches responders how to recognize IEDs, suicide bombers, and secondary devices
  • Provides information on terrorist attack prevention, preparedness, and protection
  • Covers recognition of illicit laboratories and crime scene protection
  • Provides an entire chapter of case histories and lessons learned from actual incidents

The validation committee for this manual included members from Australia, Israel, and Canada to provide a broad international scope on response practices. While response models may vary greatly from location to location, the information provided is representative of good practice for emergency response to terrorist attacks anywhere.

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