Advertise in Pennsylvania Fireman

Our current circulation is about 10,000 with over 7,500 going out to Pennsylvania with an approximate breakdown as follows:
PA-over 7,500; NJ-150; MD-410; NY-190; OH-70; VA-160; WV-190; FL-65; CT-40; NC-35; IL-35 Other States 800+ AND Sample Request.

Black and White Prices: 1 Spot color is available- see prices below
$ 18.00 PER column inch (3” wide x 1” depth)
$ 63.00 ¼ Page (3” wide x 3 ¾” depth)
$128.00 ½ Page (3” wide x 7 1/2” depth or 6” wide x 3 3/4” depth)
$242.00 per Page (6” wide x 7 1/2” depth) ** See below
$462.00 per 2-Page Spread (13” wide x 7 1/2” depth with 1” gutter space in middle)

Full Color Prices:
$483 per page Full Color 1st Insertion (6” wide x 7 ½” depth) **see below
$313 per page for an exact repeat of any previous color ad – no further Discounts applicable
$956 per 2-Page color Spread (13” wide x 7 1/2” depth with 1” gutter space in middle)

NEW ½ page color:
$247 ½ Page (3” wide x 7 1/2” depth or 6” wide x 3 3/4” depth)
$195 per ½ page for an exact repeat of any previous color ad- no further Discounts applicable

** Bleeds are available at no extra charge- see 2nd page for bleed layout

Download Rate Card and Ad Template

10% for Exact Repeat on B/W ads
5% Additional Discount on B/W ads- after 6 months or 6-bi-monthly insertions for regular monthly or bi-monthly advertisers. This discount is applicable ONLY IF ACCOUNT IS CURRENT. Past Due Accounts will be billed regular rates and will not be eligible for the additional 5% until account is current for 6 months.
Terms on all invoices are due upon receipt – effective 4/1/2022.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES (No discount applies to these charges)
$ 8.00 per picture, logo or artwork that we insert (pictures, logos or artwork should be sharp and clear to give best reproduction) Please do not send pictures that are not clearly focused, or very dark or very light, they will not reproduce well.
NO FAXED PICTURES, LOGOS OR ARTWORK, PLEASE. Scanned pictures should be of good quality or you may send us the actual picture for us to scan.

$35.00 for Spot Color –LIMITED TO 1 SPOT COLOR PER AD – Any color other then primary black is considered a spot color. Any ad with more than 1 spot color is considered a 4 color ad- See pricing above for 4 color ads.

Email or Fax Proofs available upon request, but customer must respond within 24 hours.

COPY DEADLINE IS 15th OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO MONTH OF ISSUE. Any copy submitted after the deadline, cannot be guaranteed placement. Advertisers planning to use bid dates should use dates at least two months beyond the ad copy deadline, (i.e. Copy deadline date of May 15 should have a bid date of at least 60 days or July 15) for response time.

ELECTRONIC COPY may be E-mailed to For E-Mailed copy-if you do not receive E-Mail confirmation, please call before deadline to insure insertion.

COPY: BEST EMAILED BUT CAN BE MAILED- ALL COPY SHOULD BE TYPED OR PRINTED CLEARLY. We will not be responsible for errors after the initial ad. Liability for error is limited to the cost of one (1) insertion. We will not be responsible for loss, damage or storage of copy ready material or pictures after initial insertion order. We cannot guarantee any copy changes or cancellations after deadline. A charge may be made for corrections, changes or cancellations if they can be made.

TERMS: • Initial Ads must be PREPAID • Approved Accounts: Due upon receipt • We accept Check, Money Order or Credit Card Payments (MC, Visa, Discover)

Accounts more than 30 days will result in a finance charge being assessed at 1.5% per month, 18% per year on unpaid balances. Accounts that are 60 days past due will result in magazine ads being terminated. To resume advertising, all past due balances need to be paid in full and prepayment of the next ad will be collected. Terms as above will continue thereafter.

Advertising for any account PAST DUE will be canceled without notice
**Prices subject to change without notice.