Fire Hose Practices, 8th Edition

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Provides fire and emergency responders with an in-depth resource on the most valuable tool for extinguishing fire:  fire hose.  Topics include the design and construction of various types of fire hose and couplings; proper procedures for cleaning, drying, repairing, storing and service testing hose; and descriptions of the current generation of fire hose nozzles, appliances, and tools.  The manual also contains a variety of methods for loading, unloading, advancing, and carrying fire hose during emergency incidents.

Besides providing information based on the NFPA 1961, Standard of Fire Hose (2002), the manual includes information that meets the job performance requirement (JPR) for hose operations found in NFPA 1001, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications (2002).  Easy-to-followi llustrated skills sheets are included at the end of several chapters to assist the reader in learning various loading, unloading, carrrying, and deployment procedures for both supply and attack hose (including hose finishes and hose packs).  Additional information is found in the glossary and appendices.

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