Hazardous Materials for First Responders, 5th Edition Manual & Exam Prep

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HazMat for 1st Responders, 5th man/exam (36341) –  description:

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Prepare to respond to hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incidents. This new edition provides first responders with information to take appropriate initial actions at WMD incidents and hazardous materials spills or releases. The focus is detailed information about hazardous materials initial operations.

The Exam Prep is designed to be used as a self-study tool for students to prepare for comprehensive exams such as end of course tests or the written portion of certification exams. All items are multiple choice to provide the user plenty of opportunity to practice the way they will be assessed. The answers for each question are in the back of the Exam Prep. This popular student product includes 746 questions divided among all 15 chapters of Hazardous Materials for First Responders, 5th Edition.

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