Daniel Suhr, A Story of September 11th

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On September 11, 2001 no one in the south tower survived. Yet sixteen firefighters were ordered into the building moments before it collapsed, and thirteen of them are still alive. This is the story of Daniel Suhr, the firefighter who saved them.
Daniel Suhr was a member of Engine Company 216 and was the first FDNY firefighter to perish on 911. This book takes us from the kitchen table in the firehouse in Williamsburg Brooklyn, to the response of Engine 216 into Manhattan, to the arrival at the World Trade Center, to the catastrophic collapse of the towers, to the desperate search for survivors, and to the days and weeks that followed. This book portrays the human condition and the vulnerabilities and fragility of life. It describes the tragic loss of one soul, one soul as representative of the thousands who died, and, ultimately, leads to rebirth and renewal and remembrance.

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