Caterpillar D-8 l933/1974 Photo Archive: Including Diesel Seventy-Five & RD-8

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The history of some of Caterpillars biggest earthmovers of the period are detailed in this new Photo Archive. Start with the diesel 75, the great grandfather of todays D-8, and trace the changes made to the D-8 into the 1970s.

Over 120 detailed factory photographs and illustrations show how technology changed drastically in those early years for mass dirt movers. Included are the 1H, 8R, 2U, 14A and others, as well as company sales literature and WWII vintage photos. Many photos show attachments and equipment produced by Caterpillar and others for use with these earth-moving giants.

As an added bonus, a list of D-8 tractors and its predecessors is provided, arranged by model, serial number and year.”

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